How An Ancient “Heart Coherence” Practice Can TRANSFORM Your Worries to PEACE…๐Ÿ™

What we don't face within WILL continue to have us running scared, a GUARANTEED path to disease, how long do you want to play this game because you DO have a choice...

What we don’t face within WILL continue to have us running scared, a GUARANTEED path to disease, how long do you want to play this game because you DO have a choice…

ANYTHING other than “peace” is stress. If we keep putting off looking at what is really causing us stress we can never be free. We’ll always be running from that “imaginary” lion!

The imaginary lion I’m referring to is that anything outside our mind can actually hurt us. So when we feel hurt, betrayed, angry, sad, depressed, anxious and we THINK the cause is outside of us, such as another person, we’re wrong on the one hand, ENTIRELY FREE on the other because WE get to look within at “why” we’re “upset” and heal deeply, comprehensively, permanently!

You KNOW that stress is the #1 cause of sickness and sadness right? This makes EVERY other “remedy” redundant, pointless, wasting your time and LIFE and doing a number on your family let’s not forget!

I know it stings to hear this stuff, I’m sure you’d rather some straight talking now to save you decades of suffering wouldn’t you?

You can “play” around with all the superficial stuff like diet and supplements or be SURE you’ve reached the core and REALLY start living in BLISS!

I was working with a client just today who’s life TRANSFORMED in just one session, FINALLY revealing a long standing belief that had her totally stymied for 43 years looking through the lens (aka belief) of “nothing’s easy”! IMAGINE how life looks filtered through THIS belief and HOW life looks now, WOOHOO!!!

We’re all looking at life through some kind of “pain lens”, spotting our own dodgy filters is the path to freedom, the path to Grace, peace, heaven on earth…

I’ve been inundated with emails from courageous heart-warriors all over the world diving into practice with the “Instrument for Peace” utterly SHOCKED at the beliefs they’ve uncovered and WANT removed and replaced with an empowering software program that leads to peace and happiness NOT more of the same…

Most people want to know how to get this sorted FAST and I’ll come to that in a sec!

First I want to highlight a critical point, life is meant to be peace FILLED. Each moment is a demonstration of expanding loveliness and if you aren’t “feelin” it, you are NOT alone! Let me remind you that neither did I until I had the MAP to navigate my way through the crapshow that my life had been not knowing what was even possible, how I’d make it through and what I was in for. If you feel this way, you’re right on track!

You see your best thinking CANNOT take you further than you are right now, you NEED to break the habit of being YOU in order to become who you really are, FREE as a bird and UNLIMITED!

I’ve got a gorgeous gift to share with you to open your heart and quickly restore coherence in your mind and body, to END the cycle of stress and unleash your Vagus Nerve HEALING POWER!

The heart, yes yours, is a powerhouse of potential and when combined with your superbrain has the capacity to create coherence, switch OFF the stress repsonse, uplevel immune function, offering 1400 chemcials of healing to your body PROFOUNDLY impacting your health like NO other remedy can; did I mention this is free and takes NO effort like crazy nutrition plans, supplements, pills, exercise…

I’ve created a powerful “Transformational Meditation” series for my clients and I want you to have the “Heart Coherence” meditation that restores your natural state of “peace” and calm, expands your consciousness and UPLEVELS your vibrational frequency (setting it for healing and joy)…

I want you to have access to one of the most loved AND powerful right here and now, so settle in and unleash your healing potential, click below to listen…

For those of you who want MORE FAST, then you’re invited to have your heart and hand held with an awesome opportunity, check it outย HERE

With lashings of love & compassion Sal x

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