7 Steps to Deep Personal Awareness: the KEY to FREEING THE MIND…

Your "BRAIN" rules your life, it can either be your CHAMPION, a true ally that supports you in exceeding your deepest desires, or your worst enemy, driving physical dis-ease and a personal "hell" of the negative thoughts "loop"...(CHECK out the 7 KILLER "Attitudes" below to create your NEW brain)
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Your “BRAIN” rules your life, it can either be your CHAMPION, a true ally that supports you in exceeding your deepest desires, or your worst enemy, driving physical dis-ease and a personal “hell” of the negative thoughts “loop”…(CHECK out the 7 KILLER “Attitudes” below to create your NEW brain)

FORTUNATELY, your brain can be shaped and changed (EASILY) when you know how, this is called “Neuroplasticity”. 

Because we weren’t given the “operating manual” for our brain, most of us don’t even question how ours is operating. So why not ask yourself right now; how’s my health, sense of worthiness, self appreciation, relationships, parenting, career, finances, balance in life, ease and flow from day to day???

If you answered FREAKING AWESOME to these then kudos my friend, it’s time to REALLY step into your creative genius MAGNITUDE and align with “life force” to seriously push the boundaries of BLISS!!! (That’s why you’re here after all)…

Perhaps your answers weren’t quite so spectacular, and that’s OK, my answers were “horrible” when I first started on my “inner” journey 30 years ago and I have FABULOUS NEWS FOR YOU!

YOU can change anything, YEP, turn it all around, and FAST!!!

YOU ARE NOT STUCK WITH ANYTHING YOU DON’T LIKE, that’s if you don’t “want” to be stuck…

YOU can turn ANY situation around, even chronic physical and emotional conditions, ANYTHING!

There’s NO magic pill, nothing from the outside will bring you what you deeply crave within!

Let me give it to you straight, if you’re courageous enough to look at your “lens” for living, your patterns of thinking, your beliefs in order to SPOT the mismatch between “them” and what you really want, then take action in alignment with your desires (in the right way that NO-ONE seems to be talking about) then you WILL reap the rewards my friend, it can be no other way BECAUSE you will be playing by the rules of life!

The KEY is Self-Loving Self-Inquiry, to question the “Origin of Decision” & find ALL you’ve been searching for (& I mean “ALL”) is within!

The SHOCKING truth is that most people will choose NOT to take this path, statistics from palliative care research have shown that GREATER than 90% of people die with MAJOR life regrets! That means most people I love, that you love with choose to stay STUCK when it is entirely optional! 

As Daniel Dennett said: “There’s just no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion”!

My MISSION in life is to guide anyone who is “willing” into an empowered and expansive model for living, entirely FREE from the illusions of “mind” that right royally MESS UP the brain and drive us to sickness, that’s the optional part, we’re BORN to be well and if that isn’t the result, THAT is unnatural!

If you’re one of the few who are here to REALLY live life wholeheartedly then I want to share with you “7 Attitudes” for you to explore and begin the necessary “stretch” into the peace and potential that are your birthright.

Take some time to consider the following, get out your journal, these are CRITICAL (and KILLER) attitudes that are keeping your brain STUCK in “sickness” mode and MUST BE CHANGED if you want something different. If you’re DONE living a life of limitation check out the programs that WILL take you beyond your wildest dreams further below; “Transformational Offerings”:

1. Become conscious of past hurts, looking for YOUR feelings (not the details of what others did), these represent the root cause of disconnection from others and source…
2. Become conscious of insensitivity toward others, where you’re so caught up in your own pain you can’t see the pain you are causing another…
3. Become conscious of your craving for love, all the places “outside” of yourself that you’re looking for this to be filled in YOU…
4. Become conscious of inauthenticity, how are you “lying” to yourself…
5. Become conscious of judgement, THIS leads to limitation in life ENTIRELY, look at how you judge others and yourself and KNOW this may well be the BIGGEST contributor of disease…
6. Become conscious of ingratitude, the “dark” side of gratitude, where the mind tricks you into seeing only what was and wasn’t given, NOT all that is being received when you “notice”…
7. Become conscious of the STORIES your mind tells you, you might be so quick to believe them once you know how to SPOT their sneaky ways…

When we can “see” the illusions we’ve believed and step into the empowered, CO-creator position we finally REALISE “how” to live FULL TO THE BRIM with self-love, compassion, joy and limitless potential and it is MAGNIFICENT!!! Do you want to LOVE LOVE LOVE life and live with enthusiasm and energy that is unparalleled BEYOND “worry” about anything?

YOU CAN! You’re NOT hardwired to be a certain way, YOU are a marvel of adaptability and change and YOU get to choose exactly which direction you expand into…

If you want to take life on and BE the “change” that your family deserve (and frankly NEED) then join the upcoming IGNITE Quest, my highly coveted personally guided Life Mastery program, your transformation is GUARANTEED with this proven system – just add “action”!

Reach out with any questions anytime! You’re NOT alone on this journey, even though our mind is playing the story of “you’ve got to do this alone, to fight, attack, defend”, it’s not true, the sooner we “see” this the better!

SO many blessings for your true essence to SHINE sooner rather than too late, Sal x

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